WildGums Software Solutions

WildGums has a range of software applications to help you validate, analyse and edit your data

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Chameleon is an application shell that we can easily customise to suit your needs.


Chameleon allows us to address common management challenges by providing simple bespoke software solutions inside the WildGums application shell.
  • Consolidating scattered information – Relate information together in one place to provide the answers you need
  • Complex and time-consuming analysis – Quickly, reliably and automatically analyse large volumes of data to extract key elements, create summaries or highlight issues
  • Supporting intuition with facts – Review information and present findings in a simple and compelling format
  • Unsupported critical systems – Transfer critical systems into a controlled, structured, well supported environment
  • Manage major IT projects – Development timelines can be transformed from months to days

Data Solutions

Data Validator

Stop bad data causing system crashes.
Data validator will help you:
  • Define your data rules
  • Validate your data against these rules
  • Report any issues and how to fix them

Flex Grid

Flex Grid was built to help you work with csv files, such as:
  • Open multiple csv files at once and easily navigate between them
  • Color code columns to quickly identify patterns in your data
  • Save and easily switch between workspaces
  • Edit the file contents


Effective schedules can save both time and money. Our tools were built to provide you with all the information you need to help you make good, feasible schedules quickly.


Rantt is a "Resource Gantt" chart that can display time stamped data from multiple data sources, such as csv, Excel or database tables. Rantt was designed to work with large amounts of data to help you find the answers you are looking for quickly.

Scheduling Assistant

When your production orders have multiple steps across a number of resources, or when you need to link orders together into a manufacturing route our Scheduling Assistant Solution is the appropriate choice.
This Solution provides the user with extended information about all the operations that need to be scheduled. The user then simply selects the sequence they need given today's circumstances and the assistant does the rest. From linking orders together based on Bill of Material requirements and linking rules, to selecting the entire route and scheduling it with respect to material and resource availability.

Factory Sequencer

Often our clients have multi step production facilities, but they just want to plan the right sequence of work on a key resource. Once that's done correctly the rest of the facility can plan their work from the sequence on the key resource.
Factory Sequencer provides the perfect, simple to use interface to get the job done quickly and with all the flexibility you need to handle each days unique circumstances.