Flex Grid

A powerful tool to analyze and edit CSV files

Data here ... ... becomes information here

Why do you need Flex Grid?

There are plenty of great tools on the market for manipulating csv files, but nothing that empowers a user to explore the information contained in the file itself the way Flex Grid does.

Self-service answers

Getting answers from your data is critical to making the right decisions. With Flex Grid you can easily choose what you want to see and then add sorting, filtering, grouping and colours so finding the right answers becomes simple.

Same data different questions

You often need more than one answer from your data so you need to ask different questions. Flex Grid allows you to create different views over the same data so that you can get all your answers quickly. Flex Grid also let's you save those views so they're instantly available next time you open a file.

Where's my data

It's hard to remember where all your data is so Flex Grid does it for you with a quick navigation panel. Flex Grid even remembers what you worked on last time and opens it for you automatically.

Check out theĀ short video below showing the basics of Flex Grid