Data Validator

Data validator quickly and automatically checks the integrity of data within and between files

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Why do you need Data Validator?

In our experience many hours are regularly lost chasing system crashes or unusual behaviour that is eventually tracked down to bad data. Thorough checking of new data before loading it into the system could have prevented this downtime and wasted effort.

Until now it was too difficult and too slow to check new data every time you needed to load it, often a daily task. Data Validator was designed so that it's easy to build validation rules, and quick to execute. This means you can run it in the background every time you need to use new data.

Stop bad data causing system crashes

Loading bad data into an existing system can cause unpredictable outcomes and system crashes. Data validator protects you from this by automatically checking the integrity of your data before you load it.

Find issues quickly

It can take hours or even days to find out which piece of data is causing your crash. Data Validator can find issues for you in a few seconds. Data Validator can also run in the background so you can automatically check new data every time you need to load it.

Identify issues easily

Data Validator tells you which file, which row, which column has the issue and also what's wrong with the data.

Check out the short video below showing how Data Validator finds errors in data