Scheduling Assistant

Confusion here ... ... becomes control here

Empowering the scheduler

Our data grid in Scheduling Assistant is fully configurable, this means the scheduler can make sure they have all the right information, in the format they want, to ensure they make the best decisions for the current business needs. With all the right information Scheduling Assistant puts the scheduler in control of the sequence of work.

Automating the hard work

Scheduling Assistant does all the heavy lifting so that the scheduler can concentrate on making the right choices. Scheduling Assistant automatically links sub-assemblies and materials to jobs, it then makes sure the right dependencies are available and in place when the scheduler chooses jobs for Scheduling Assistant to place on the schedule.

Quick scenarios

Scheduling Assistant is simple and quick, so a scheduler can try out many scenarios in a very short time and then choose the one that's most appropriate given the current business needs.

Check out theĀ short video below showing how Scheduling Assistant gives control back to the Scheduler