Address common management challenges with simple bespoke software solutions

Consolidating scattered information

Do you need to provide answers but the information you need is spread across different screens inside your corporate system, or worse, different systems?

Complex and time-consuming analysis

Do you need to analyse large amounts of data to find issues, create summaries or extract key elements? Does the effort required mean it isn't done often enough or at all? Can you rely on the information gained or is the process prone to errors?

Supporting intuition with facts

Do you need to quickly review information, confirm your intuition, and make the right decisions? Once your decision is made, do you need a compelling way to replace emotions with facts so that you can gain buy in from key stakeholders?

Unsupported critical systems

Does your business rely on systems built in Excel or MS Access? Are these systems difficult to maintain, unsupported by IT or the people that built them, and could they potentially contain errors you don't know about?

Chameleon can solve these issues

A feature rich environment right out of the box

This is the same application shell we use for all our commercial solutions and allows us to build robust, maintainable applications in a matter of days.

Chameleon comes with standard features such as:

Case Studies

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