Provides a simple to use environment for exploring time stamped data.

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What is Rantt?

Rantt is a standalone Resource Gantt Chart application.
It is used to explore and analyse time intervals and how they relate to each other, such as jobs, tasks or operations.
It can load and navigate over 100K operations quickly and surface key insights from your data.

Who is Rantt for?

Anyone that works with or needs to understand time stamped data, such as:

Industries that can benefit from Rantt are:

Why is there a need for Rantt?

The key thing with analysing time stamped data is being able to understand the time relationships between events (or tasks/jobs/operations). Viewing time stamped data in a grid gives you a feel for the values. Rantt takes understanding time stamped data to a whole new level by showing you the temporal nature of the data and how different events relate to each other.

What systems does Rantt work with?

Rantt reads data from many formats including databases, text files, Excel spreadsheets and more. This means Rantt is application independent and works with any system as long as you can make the data available in one of the supported formats.

Want more information?

For more detailed information about Rantt please visit the Rantt website

Check out theĀ short video below showing the basics of Rantt